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Episode 1: The Income In-Flow Method


How to start working inside your business and stop working only for other people's goals

by | Mar 12, 2019

Have you ever been so caught up in serving your clients that you FORGOT to work on your own business?


Guilty! I used to be so bad at working on my own business. I had these dreams for growth but I felt stuck. I was spending all my time working on client work – working towards my clients' dreams – that I was too busy to work on my own big business goals. I was guilty of acting like an employee of my business rather than treating myself like a client.


I needed to make a change and finally find the time to prioritize my business, even if that meant pulling it out of a hat. I know some of you are struggling with the same feelings of being stuck. This week's episode is all about making a change.


The Change: It's Time To Work On Your Business, Not In It

I had a bit of an “ah ha” moment one day. I remembered Amy Porterfield's idea of Tiger Time and I decided to turn that into what I call a Me Day in my business. One whole day a week to focus on my own work.


And I have to confess, it felt awesome! I felt so stoked the first time I sat at my desk on my Me Day.


But the thing about finally giving yourself permission to prioritize yourself is that when you sit down to do it – you might find that you don't know how. What do you work on first? How do you split up this one day to work on all your business building tasks? How do you force yourself to not put off your Me Day when more work comes in?


Those were all me! Sitting at my desk thinking “ok..what now?” and feeling a bit lost.


Cue Productivity Hack: How To Organize Your Schedule To Work On Business Building Tasks

I had to get strict with myself and I had to develop a way that I felt like I was making real progress towards my goals each week. So, the Income In-Flow Method was born. This is the method I use to organize my Me Day to be more productive. It has helped me not only grow my business but also to serve my audience better. I've been able to show up more and create new growth opportunities for myself.


Which for a new mom, is something to sing some praises about! I'm finally working on my big business goals, and it feels amazing.


So I want to give you that same feeling! 





    This week's episode is all about how I carved out time and organized my Me Day for maximum business growth – and how you can too. Use the workbook I created for you to help you decide your own business building tasks so you can get the most out of your Me Day, too!