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#2: How To Plan & Create Content
For Your Business


Create your own Content Calendar System!

by | Mar 22, 2019

Creating content consistently is one of the best things a business can do for their marketing. Yet entrepreneurs, marketing teams, and businesses of all sizes still struggle to create content on a regular basis. In all my years working with people to correct this, I've noticed two common problems.


The two biggest problems entrepreneurs and marketing teams face is that they're (1) trying to cram content creation into their schedules every week and (2) that they're having to come up with ideas on the spot.


Sound familiar?


So this week's episode dives into how you can create a Content Vault – a digital bank vault of your best ideas, a systematic approach to creating any piece of content, and how to plan and pre-schedule content creation into your calendar. You can use this system to create any type of content you want. It might even give you the nudge you need to start creating more content upgrades (freebies) and building your email list. (I'm just saying!)


And let me tell you, it’s such a weight off your shoulders to sit down at the computer and just…create. No stressing out over what topics to talk about or what format of content to create.


I've been using this system since I graduated Uni and landed my first marketing strategist position. I needed a way to remember and store my best ideas now that they were directly tied to a company's success. (No pressure or anything…Ha!) So I started with a basic spreadsheet back in the day and gradually I've upgraded to using a free project management tool called Asana.


How To Use Asana Boards For A Content Calendar System


I want you to succeed, my friend. So today, we're not stopping at the end of the podcast episode. This week, Episode 2 marks our first Beyond Fleek bonus content where I filmed an Asana Boards Tutorial for you. And I won't lie to you, this walkthrough was meant to be watched as you create your own Content Vault. So after the episode, come back here to watch the video when you have a few minutes to start and start turning this week's advice into action.



This Asana Boards tutorial goes over:

  • How to use Asana Boards to create a Content Vault
  • How to add new idea cards to your Board
  • How to quickly brainstorm ideas
  • Reminds you to think of add-on content to better serve your audience and grow your email list
  • How to use Asana Boards Tags to quickly identify what type of content each idea is
  • How to attachment photos, graphics, and videos to your idea card
  • How to use Asana Subtasks to develop a system to content creation that you and your team can use again and again
  • How to create tasks and due dates in Asana


Basically, we're going to cover the whole shebang. So don't put this off! I want you to start serving your audience with more content so you can start seeing the benefits, leads, and traffic your business deserves. 


PS: Once your content ideas are in one spot, you can start using your Me Day to knock out an entire month of content in one day! Hello, happy street.



    Resources Mentioned:

    Asana: Project Management