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4 Things You Must NOT Spend Money on as a New Business

by | Apr 4, 2019

This week’s episode of Geek on Fleek is directed partially to new entrepreneurs, but mostly to your wallets. See, I remember three years ago when I started my first company, a web development and SEO agency called FUSED that I co-own with my husband.


Man, did I have shiny object syndrome like the best of them!


Trust me when I say that I wanted it all. I came from the corporate and small business worlds, working as a Marketing, web, and SEO strategist, so I knew all the fancy ways to make money for businesses.


The problem is when you’re just starting out and you’re a small business – or party of one – all the fancy funnels, software, and courses that you could spend money on aren’t always helpful. Sometimes, they’re a huge waste of time and money that end up holding you back more than assisting you to grow your business.


What should you spend money on as a new business?


Well, it's hard to know what to spend money on and what not to when you're just starting your business. Just look anywhere on social media and you'll see marketers, coaches, and other businesses telling you what to buy to succeed. But I'm here to tell you – don't get blinded by shiny object syndrome! Let me help you save some money as we chat about 4 things NOT to spend money on as a new business.

In this Geek on Fleek podcast episode, we’re going to cover tempting money pits like:

  • Your first website
  • Courses & Coaches
  • Subscriptions
  • And the hardest to say no to – your ego


Even seasoned entrepreneurs struggle with what to invest in to grow their business!


And I'm not immune to these either! Some of these warnings are spoken from experience – both personal learning pains and from personal friends. Some of these are spoken as an expert, as someone who owns an agency that offers these services.


Business finances are one of the most common parts of running a business that new entrepreneurs struggle with. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned business owner who's still low-key struggling to determine when to spend and when to save – this week’s podcast is for you.


So pop in your earbuds and get ready to learn when to spend and when to save during your first couple years of business. And don’t forget to look at my resources section for the exact beginner’s software I recommend to all my clients. (Just a little bonus to help you save some money while you're still a new entrepreneur!)



    Resources For New Businesses:

    MailerLite Email Marketing: Free for the first 1,000 subscribers

    Dubsado CRM: Low-cost multi-useful customer relation manager, survey maker, and invoicing

    Planoly Social Media Scheduling: Free plans available