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10 Things to Buy for Your Business on Black Friday

Every year Black Friday hits and there are great deals on practically everything. But with so much you could spend money on – one of the most important things you should spend money on this Black Friday are investments for your business.

So before you drop all your money at Target this year….


Here’s a list of the top 10 Things to buy for your business this Black Friday

Buy Business Courses On Sale This Black Friday

Is there anything more important to invest in than your own skills? No! Black Friday is the perfect time to drop some dough on courses while many online course creators and websites have huge sales. Sometimes you can get amazing business courses on sale during Black Friday for 30%, 50%, or 75% off! Commit to a course to improve your trade skills, learn new marketing tactics, or grow your business know-how! Whatever course you choose, when you spend money on you –  it’s some of the best money you can spend!


Upgrade Your Computers and Software

Ok, I can’t deny how tempting some of the Black Friday deals are on computers and business software. If you’re ready to kick your slow computer to the curb or upgrade to the latest business software – Black Friday is the perfect time to do it! But be warned – don’t just grab the first deal you see. Make a list of all your computer requirements before you hit the Internet for who has the best deals on new tech. If you’re upgrading your software for business or bookkeeping – do your research on what software is going to meet your needs as your business grows in 2020 first. Once you find a deal that’s right for you – grab it fast! 


PS: If you’re a business owner in the modern age, your phone could be considered a tax write-off! So gifting yourself with the latest iPhone or Android might just be a great investment this year. (Just saying!)


Buy A Business Planner That Actually Helps You

As a self-proclaimed #PlannerAddict, I’ve tried a million planners and online calendars over the years. But when you’re a business owner, you need more than a monthly calendar spread or a generic desk calendar. You need a real planning system that’s going to help you keep track of important metrics to help grow your business, keep you accountable for your top money-making tasks, get a handle on your busy to-do list, and keep all your notes in one place. (Because your Post-It notes system is just so 2019, hun….) 

This year, before you order another planner you’ll ditch halfway through the year, I recommend checking out my new Boss Planner Mini – the exact reusable, 30-day business planner I use that helped me start and turn two side hustles into full-time businesses. You can get the first edition digital copy for just $14. (And don’t miss the 35% Black Friday sale I’m having! Get The Boss Planner Mini for a limited time price of $9!)


Use Black Friday To Invest in a CRM

It’s almost 2020 babe – time to start getting serious about business automation and improving your processes. What better way to do that than to take advantage of Black Friday sales on a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) that could help you get and keep more clients for the next year? (All while taking advantage of the business automation tools most CRMs offer that let you work less! Someone give me a “hallelujah!” please and thank you.) 

My CRM, Dubsado, is still one of the best investments I’ve made in my business. It helps me do automatic invoicing, automate my new-lead-to-client process, automatically schedule client calls, and perform workflows through the entire customer journey – most of which happens without me lifting a finger! (Hallelujah) So before you decide what to buy this Black Friday, do yourself a favor and look into the gift of a CRM for a business Christmas present to yourself.


Spend Money On Marketing For The Holidays

Have you been hooked by a great ad on Facebook and Instagram into signing up for or buying something? Girl, I have! As a business coach and former marketing director of several multi-million dollar companies – I’ll be honest with you. The Holidays are a great time to start using your marketing dollars to grow your email list or sell to your ideal customer. Your marketing budget could be used on several things – too many to list in this listicle article – but regardless of what you decide is the right marketing strategy for your business, this is the time of year to start looking into how you’re going to spend the rest of your marketing budget.


Hire A Business Coach or Consultant

Remember when we talked about how money spent on you is the best money spent? This is another example of spending money to help you and your business thrive in 2020. When you invest in the right business coach or consultant, you’re spending money to help your business grow. Now, you probably won’t find any Black Friday deal on full coaching or consulting packages, but this is still a great time of year to hire a business coach for the upcoming year. (And if you’re interested in hiring a coach to help you grow your business, check out my 8-week coaching programs for new and up-leveling Boss Babes – now open for 2020 enrollment!)


Upgrade Your Business Website Before The New Year

How long have you had your business website? If you’ve been in business for at least a few years, it may be time to look into updating your website design, the copy, or finally investing in SEO. While you’re busy looking into how to spend your business money before the end of the tax year, take a look at your business's most powerful marketing tool – your website. Whether you want to update or upgrade – use this Black Friday as an excuse to think about if your website could use some TLC before your Target run.


Buy A DSLR Camera or Hire A Photographer

You know having amazing photos helps sell your brand. While you’re scouring for great Black Friday deals, take another look at your photos to see if you could benefit from any of the great DSLR camera deals. DSLRs are the perfect DIY way to get sharper, more professional photos to go along with your selfies this season. If you have a little extra left in your budget, consider making a connection with a local brand photographer who offers quarterly or monthly packages to keep your Instagram feed fresh next year. (This is one of the top priorities in my own business in 2020!)


Invest In Better Business Branding

Your business branding probably doesn’t need to be updated often. But if you’ve had the same branding since you DIY’d it on Canva three years ago – you may have outgrown it! As our brand grows, we can afford to upgrade our DIY branding to professional branding that takes us from business to BA-BAM Boss! The end of year (EOY) is the perfect time to take another look at your brand aesthetic and see if you’re ready to invest in a little facelift before the New Year.


Hire Help (AKA The business gift that keeps on giving)

If you’ve finally reached the point in business that you’re ready to hire your first employee or contractor – don’t wait! Use Black Friday and the holidays to start looking around for your newly hired help. It may not be the best time to onboard a new employee, but you can start interviewing (yes – interviewing – like the real effin’ business you are now, girl!) potential candidates now so you can onboard them as soon as the holiday rush is over. Plus, if you’re planning on hiring some help this holiday season, now is a great time to start writing down your businesses processes to make onboarding a new assistant or employee even easier on yourself when you’re ready to say “you’re hired”.


Seriously, the list of what you could be spending money on to help grow your business this Black Friday could go on forever. There is always something you could be doing to help yourself grow. But whatever your big Black Friday plans are – don’t forget to spend some of your time and money on what could help you get further in business in 2020.


April Brown is an Internet strategist and business coach for women who are ready to make sense of business. She's the host of the Geek on Fleek podcast and author of The Boss Planner Mini. When she's not helping women be badass Boss babes, she's probably hanging out with her mini me – coffee in hand.