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Legacy Events 119 is a DJ company in Jacksonville, FL. They wanted a website that spoke to their fun-loving brides and their corporate clients, as well as a SEO-heavy website to get them on Google. They were a blast to work with and I'm in love with their site!

Liberty is a new coach who wanted to have a website to sell her coaching packages and her course. We also teamed up to create her new in-person retreat landing page that sold out so quickly! On top of being a great web design client, Liberty also went through my 3-month business coaching program. I've been so honored to see her grow and reach new exciting income goals!

Positively Packaged is a website and branding template shop for female entrepreneurs. These ladies knew they wanted to be in the highly competitive spot on Google's first page before they even opened shop. We're currently working on their SEO and looking forward to launch day!

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