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Are you ready to give your business the total transformation you've been dreaming of?

Fun Facts About Your Chief Marketing Nerd

1| I've wanted to be a writer since before I knew how to hold a pen! My grandmother instilled a love for stories, fueled still by April O'Neil from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which inspired me to get my degree in journalism.

2| I hated journalism – specifically, I hated making my living off “juicy stories” that were often someone's worst day. I loaded my schedule with social media and web design classes in my last year so I could make the treacherous switch to marketing and web design.

3| My first website is still online because I can't get UF to take it down. If you find it, feel free to laugh!

4| I love spaghetti. And brownies. I could literally live on spaghetti and brownies.

5| I'm a vegan. I was born to be vegan (before it was cool) and never liked the taste or texture of meat. You can ask my parents.

6| I'm married to my best friend. My husband is a constant source of inspiration, support, and endless witty come-backs.

7| My perfect day involves waking up in Colorado. It's the one place I know one day I'll call home.

8| My friends and I love to do video chats, in our PJs, while eating pizza on a Friday night.

9| I often become friends with my clients because I only work with people who I really vibe with!

10| Starting and growing my own business have been my dream come true. Now, I get to help other amazingly talented entrepreneurs do the same. How freakin' lucky am I?!



How Can Marketing + Web Design + SEO Transform My Business?

It's the connection and clarity, my friend.

You've been around the block and you've outgrown your current brand assets. Your website's not converting like you want it to for your big vision sales goals. Your marketing is bringing clients in, but you know it could be more. Maybe you've even tried SEO before, but Google's still snubbing her nose at all your hard work!

Well, working with me means a total transformation of your business.

There’s no generic marketing advice, no cookie-cutter websites, and no more excuses holding you back from reaching your goals. I believe your business is worth more than just another pretty website and Instagram photo.

Your business deserves to attract your dream clients, inspire social media engagement, and convert total website strangers into totally satisfied sales.

And I know how to get it there.

I help creative entrepreneurs – just like you – develop the strategies and tools needed to attract people to who are ready to buy from you and brag about your brand to all their friends. I use my degree in Journalism and my history in corporate and small business marketing, WordPress web design, and SEO strategy to give you the same experience and results expected in big business.

I'll help you grow your business by totally transforming how you think, plan, and implement your time on social media.

What could you accomplish with the time you spend staring at your keyboard every day, trying to write the perfect ‘gram?

We'll create a website and sales page that's pretty, on-brand, and inspires people to buy from you.

How many more Pumpkin Spice Lattes could you buy with those new sales?

I'll even teach your website the ways of SEO seduction to make Google your new BFF.

Who doesn't want to wake up to new inquiries in your inbox from around the globe?

So if you’ve outgrown your website and you’re ready to adopt marketing strategies that attract the right people – I can help you.

Let’s transform your “6 months from now” into the business and life you’ve been dreaming about.

Are you ready for that kind of change?