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April Mechler | Web Designer & Marketing Coach for Female Entrepreneurs

Hey, I'm April!

I'm an online marketing coach, SEO strategist, web designer, and speaker. I help female entrepreneurs attract an audience of buyers, so they can grow their business and reach new goals. My rockstar clients are creatives, coaches, social media influencers, bloggers, course creators, and eCommerce owners – the folks who want the Internet and social media to be their best employees.

Some people say you’re either a dreamer or a doer.
I believe great entrepreneurs are both.

Web Design For Female Entrepreneurs

You’re an established entrepreneur with a unique talent that clients love. Isn't it time to uplevel from a website that attracts more window shoppers than people will to pay what you're worth? To serve the best, you need to attract the perfect audience. I treat every website like with the respect and attention to detail it needs – there’s no mistaking who you serve, no question you’re the best person for the job, and no template design you’ve seen a million times before.

April Mechler | Web Designer & Marketing Coach for Female Entrepreneurs


Those fluffy marketing posts that never leave you with enough information to take actionable steps are the worst! That’s why my coaching programs are designed to not only help you grow your business – they leave you able to replicate the results over and over. Struggling to get people on your email list? Sick of working hard and never able to scale your business? Ready to launch that product you've dreamed about? Miss Friday nights that don’t involve you working late?

SEO Subscriptions For Savvy Entrepreneurs

Want the secret to competing with all the noise on social media? Ready to ditch monthly algorithm changes and Facebook group pitching frensies? The secret is simple, my friend! All you need to do is set your website up to be found by people ready to buy the services and products *you* offer. The secret is transforming your website from another pretty face in the crowd to a savvy, search engine optimization seductress. Don't worry! It can still be pretty and SEO smart. How do you feel about hustling less and seeing more inquires land in your inbox while you sleep?

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